La Brasserie de l’Isle Saint-Louis,
Established in 1953

Wonderfully located at the tip of the Île Saint-Louis, in front of Notre Dame de Paris, La Brasserie de l'Isle Saint-Louis welcomes you in its warm décor, typical of the Parisian brasseries of the thirties.

As early as the nineteenth century, the location of the Brasserie housed a restaurant which was successively called "La Taverne du Pont-Rouge", and "L'Oasis"; then it was renamed in 1953 to its current name by Paul and Marthe Guépratte who knew how to elevate it to the rank of Parisian institution.

A family business successively managed by three generations since the 50's, La Brasserie de l'Isle Saint-Louis is still held by the same family. It endeavours to perpetuate the tradition and maintain with passion and regularity the spirit of this "old lady" that saw sit down at its table several generations of political, artistic or literary personalities, without ever succumbing to the lure of fashion. It retains its old customers; some of them even remember the early days of the spouses Guépratte in 1953 (!), whose descendants make sure that ancestral traditions are respected.

Among the last great Parisian brasseries that have maintained their independence, La Brasserie de l'Isle Saint-Louis has kept its authentic soul and unique character. It remains, against all odds, a timeless place. Its traditional French cooking remained true to its culinary savoir-faire: fresh, high quality and meticulously selected foodstuffs. Of course, the frozen industrial preparations are excluded! Our dishes are homemade, simmered and cooked with loving care in the hands of the chef and his "brigade de cuisine" (kitchen staff).

From the very first sunny days, the terrace welcomes you under its eternal golden and red awnings to enjoy the gentle pleasures of life in Paris and its panoramic view of the Seine, the left bank and the Pantheon.

To savour the dish of the day, a rib steak or a sole meunière, feast on cassoulet or sauerkraut accompanied by a mug of Mützig and, in the spring, enjoy the terrace with curly endive and diced bacon, a Baltic herring, a leek in French dressing, a steak tartare or an ice cream from the Maison Berthillon, the staff of the Brasserie will welcome you warmly throughout the year.